1. Click on the book now button
  2. Select your date
  3. Select your time slot
  4. Select your type of mission
  5. Go to checkout

If you know the specific date you want to come, select that date and choose from the available times.

If you’re in a group, you can either buy multiple tickets at once, or all separately book the same time slot on the same day - this will mean you're all on the same crew.

If you’re under 16, you can only attend the time slots listed as Cadet Missions (see below for more information).



What is the difference between a Military Mission and an Exploration Mission?
In a Military Mission, you and your crew will engage in more combat scenarios than in an Exploration Mission. Both types of mission contain story and performances by live actors, and we recommend trying out both - the content you encounter is different.

Why are tickets different prices at different times?
Booking slots are either off-peak or peak. Off-peak tickets are cheaper and are available:

  • Before 4pm Tuesdays to Fridays
  • Before 1pm on Saturdays
  • After 4pm on Sundays

Bridge Command is in previews until 21st April. All performances are cheaper until then.

What's the difference between the ships?
Both ships can experience all missions but there are some differences in how they operate. For example, the UCS Takanami is larger than the UCS Havock, and has a cargo bay on board, while the UCS Havock is more nimble and has a ready room on board.

What are Cadet Missions?
Cadet Missions are specifically designed for under-16s and are available during school holidays. You can find out more about child tickets on our full FAQs page.

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